QTC: Totally Radical Archives - NewFest



For this year's Queering the Canon, NewFest and BAM turn their eyes to the totally radical. But what does that mean in today’s media and cultural landscapes that have substantially changed since the days of Gregg Araki and Lizzie Borden?

What does radical mean now, what did it mean then, and what can it mean for the future of queer cinema? Where do we find these moments of radicality: in form, in content, in context? This panel discussion will address these questions and more with a set of superbly thoughtful cinephiles, experts, and iconoclasts.

Tre'vell Anderson
B. Ruby Rich
Jessica Dunn Rovinelli

Moderated by Kyle Turner (critic, The New York Times; author, The Queer Film Guide: 100 great movies that tell LGBTQIA+ stories)