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Indigenous LGBTQ+ artists and activists rally around their community in the Amazon rainforest to fight for environmental and social justice in Brazil


This captivating documentary follows Uýra, a trans-indigenous artist traveling through the Amazon rainforest on a journey of self-discovery. Collaborating with village communities along the way, they use performance art, ancestral messages, and exquisite transformations — often created from materials found in the nearby forest — to confront structural racism and transphobia in Brazil.

As Bolsonaro’s right-wing government continues to wreak havoc on social rights movements and ecological sustainability efforts, UYRA shines a light on how such interventions from artists on the margins are vital to begin rectifying the damage done to our planet and its inhabitants.

This film will be followed by a Q&A.

Presented in partnership with Film Fatales, Cinema Tropical, and BRIC


Juliana Curi


João Henrique Kurtz, Juliana Curi, Lívia Cheibub, Martina Sönksen


Uýra Sodoma, Juliana Curi, Martina Sönksen


Uýra Sodoma, Zahy Guajajara