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In a small Brazilian town in 1983, three friends come together to try and survive the first wave of the AIDS epidemic


At the turn of 1983 in a small Brazilian town, a group of LGBTQ+ friends ring in the New Year with no idea of what’s lurking in the future. When biologist Suzano realizes a terrible sickness is disrupting his body, he reaches out to trans artist Rose and videographer Humberto, who are equally ill. Banded together by uncertainty and desperate for information, together they try to survive the first wave of the AIDS epidemic.

THE FIRST FALLEN charts the confusion, exhaustion, and anxiety of living through that terrifying time. Yet what makes director Rodrigo de Oliveira’s vision so moving are the hope and resilience that shine through despite the heavy circumstances.

Virtual Encore available to stream 12/2-12/8


Rodrigo de Oliveira


Rodrigo de Oliveira


Johnny Massaro, Renata Carvalho, Victor Camilo