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A 1990s serial killer targeting gay men in New York City ignites LGBTQ+ activism in this riveting HBO Original four-part documentary series


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Episodes 1 + 2

In the early 1990s, with homophobia and hate crimes on the rise as the AIDS crisis worsens, a serial killer preys upon gay men in New York City, infiltrating queer nightlife to find his victims. A gripping, investigative crime story, LAST CALL: WHEN A SERIAL KILLER STALKED QUEER NEW YORK also dives deeply into the prejudices and attitudes of the times, when deep-rooted biases in the criminal justice system and the media’s distorted public perception of the victims undermined the investigation and enabled a brutal killer to prey on a marginalized populace. The complexities of the closet combined with a long-standing mistrust of law enforcement further complicated the case. It also highlights the heroic efforts of activists, including the NYC Anti-Violence Project, to force law enforcement to recognize and protect the queer community.

Through exclusive archival and first-time interviews with activists, investigators, and family members, LAST CALL: WHEN A SERIAL KILLER STALKED QUEER NEW YORK illuminates how the LGBTQ+ community fought to solve the murders and demand fair treatment of queer crime victims. Their work remains relevant today.

Crime scene investigators and law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions are joined on camera by Bea Hanson, Matt Foreman and David Wertheimer formerly of the NYC Anti-Violence Project, Marrero, Sakara and Mulcahy family members, former lovers, friends and associates of the victims.

Followed by a virtual Q&A
With Anthony Caronna (Director, LAST CALL), Howard Gertler (Executive Producer, LAST CALL), Beverly Tillery (Executive Director, New York City Anti-Violence Project), and Bea Hanson (former Director of Client Services, New York City Anti-Violence Project); moderated by Ann Northrop and Andy Humm (Co-Hosts and Co-Executive Producers, Gay USA)

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HBO Documentary Films presents LAST CALL a Story Syndicate Production in association with Little Punk, a Series by Anthony Caronna & Howard Gertler. Directed by Anthony Caronna; executive produced by Howard Gertler, Liz Garbus, Dan Cogan, Jon Bardin, Kate Barry, Anthony Caronna, Elon Green, Charlize Theron, Beth Kono, AJ Dix, and Matt Maher. Producers Yusef Alsuhaimi and Grace Fardella. For HBO: executive producers, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, and Tina Nguyen.


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