NewFest Pride: FAIRYLAND (Opening Night Film & Party) - NewFest


A young girl recounts growing up with her queer dad in '70s and '80s San Francisco in this star-studded drama


New York Premiere
All tickets include entrance to Opening Night Party at Slate NYC following the film 🎉

A moving, star-studded saga about family and self-expression set against the vivid backdrop of 1970s and 80s San Francisco. Based on a best-selling memoir, FAIRYLAND sees Alysia Abbott growing up in a packed house with her father Steve (Scoot McNairy), a queer poet and activist who comes out after his wife’s passing. Steve’s bohemian lifestyle clashes with the expectations of being a parent from both the outside world and Alysia herself; their intergenerational bonds and duty to each other are tested as they navigate their parallel journeys.

Produced by Academy Award-winner Sofia Coppola, written & directed by Andrew Durham, and featuring warm ensemble support from Emilia Jones (CODA), Adam Lambert, Maria Bakalova, Cody Fern, and Geena Davis, FAIRYLAND is a vivid snapshot of the many forms family and acceptance can take.

Part of NewFest Pride (June 1 - 5)
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Andrew Durham


Sofia Coppola, Andrew Durham, Megan Carlson, Siena Oberman, Greg Lauritano, Laure Sudreau


Andrew Durham


Scoot McNairy, Emilia Jones, Geena Davis, Cody Fern, Adam Lambert, Maria Bakalova



7:00 PM - SVA - Silas