Steve Zahn in COWBOYS

A starry and sensitive tale that explores the dynamic between conservative families and transgender kids

Steve Zahn in COWBOYS


Featuring gorgeously layered dramatic work by an all-star ensemble including Steve Zahn, Ann Dowd, and Jillian Bell, the lovingly crafted COWBOYS is a sensitive and compelling look at parental responsibility and the lengths we go to for those we love unconditionally. Troy (Zahn) and his young child Joe (Sasha Knight) are on the run in rural Montana, determined to make it to Canada and live the life they’re meant to live. Pursued by Joe’s mother (Bell) and a local detective (Dowd), the “kidnapping” becomes a headline-grabbing local sensation, but the media’s coverage only scratches the surface of why Troy and Joe are so desperate to make a new start. Exploring the precarious dynamic between conservative parents and transgender kids, Anna Kerrigan’s COWBOYS is an ultimately hopeful and honest portrait of family bonds that overcome any perceived red-state prejudice.

Cast: Steve Zahn, Sasha Knight, Jillian Bell, Ann Dowd
Writer: Anna Kerrigan

Part of The 32nd Annual New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival


Anna Kerrigan