All Trans BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN Screenplay Table Read - NewFest


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A benefit for The NewFest Future Fund and the New York City Anti-Violence Project


Part of The 32nd Annual New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival

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The film, which originally featured Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead roles, tells the story of two young men – a ranch-hand and a rodeo cowboy – who meet in the summer of 1963, and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys, and tragedies provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.


Leo Sheng (THE L WORD) as Ennis
Brian Michael Smith (911: LONE STAR) as Jack
Jen Richards (TALES OF THE CITY) as Alma
Alexandra Grey (EMPIRE) as Lurleen
Sam Feder (Director of DISCLOSURE) as the narrator

Mal Blum
Mars Dixon
Theo Germaine
Jordan Gonzalez
Drew Gregory
Vico Ortiz
Jes Tom

Event proceeds will be split between The NewFest Future Fund, to benefit NewFest and its programs for LGBTQ+ youth, filmmaker resources, and year-round screening programs, as well as the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP), currently celebrating its 40th anniversary. AVP empowers LGBTQ and HIV-affected communities and allies to end all forms of violence through organizing and education, and supports survivors through counseling and advocacy. The live event will be available to stream for free with a suggested donation, and will be available to watch on NewFest’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

The event is produced in collaboration with #MakeItGay live reads, founded by Gaby Dunn during quarantine to reimagine typically white, straight, cis and male films into ones with diverse casts of various queer people. The organization has produced an all-black cast, all-queer THE BREAKFAST CLUB, a bisexual female-led OCEANS 11, and a reading of CLUE, even gayer than the original.