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A struggling trans actor goes on an adventure of self-discovery after the death of his close friend and captain of his lesbian bowling league


Winner of the NewFest 2021 Hornitos Tequila #TakeYourShot Award for First-Time Feature Filmmaker; director Lyle Kash.

Struggling actor X’s lesbian bowling league Lavender League Bowling Club is the only thing keeping his head in the right lane as he faces the daily struggles of demanding auditions, demeaning roles, and shady characters. But when the team’s matriarch and captain unexpectedly passes away and an intriguing stranger arrives, X finds himself on a new journey toward introspection, acceptance, and love. Part of NewFest Award Encores
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Made by a predominantly trans cast and crew, Lyle Kash’s confident directorial debut announces the arrival of an authentic, idiosyncratic new voice in contemporary LGBTQ+ cinema. DEATH AND BOWLING shows off Kash’s thoughtful and boundary-breaking approach to storytelling — a real game-changer.

Cast: Will Krisanda, Tracy Kowalski, Denise Turkan, Leontine White Foster, Faith Eileen Bryan, D'Lo

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Lyle Kash