NewFest Pride: A HOUSE IS NOT A DISCO (Opening Night Film & Party) - NewFest


A compelling, lovingly-captured portrait of Fire Island as queer paradise that sees past and present blur within the iconic beach town as it celebrates its collective legacy and redefines itself for a modern era.


Opening Night Film & Party New York Premiere

Captured through a lens both loving and compelling, this SXSW Official Selection spends a year in the life of the world’s most iconic “homo-normative” community: Fire Island Pines. Situated fifty miles from New York City, this storied queer beach town finds itself in the midst of a renaissance as a new generation of homeowners reimagine The Pines for a new, more inclusive era. Filmed like a Frederick Wiseman documentary on magic mushrooms, A HOUSE IS NOT A DISCO features a large cast of unforgettable eccentrics, activists, drifters, and first-timers as they reflect on the legacy of The Pines while preparing their beloved village for the biggest challenge it has faced since the AIDS crisis: rising seas caused by climate change. Via queer paradise, director Brian J. Smith beautifully balances a powerful exploration of how far we’ve come with how far we’ll go. Part of NewFest Pride

All tickets to the Opening Night Film include entry to the Opening Night Party at Slate


Brian J. Smith


Jeremy Truong, Joseph Conforti



7:30 PM - SVA Theatre

7:30 PM - SVA


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