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A vivid exploration of the life and work of a pioneering, openly gay American photographer ahead of his time.


NewFest35 Audience Award Runner-Up: Documentary Feature
Streaming Dec 8–14

Photographer George Platt Lynes is best known for his iconic portraits of early-to-mid 20th-century celebrities, but his greatest passion was his work exploring the male nude. Sensuous and radically explicit for their time, these photos have only recently begun to be fully appreciated for the revolution they represent — a man who captured his fantasies, and who created a window to a future his camera saw coming before anyone else.

From visionary art director Sam Shahid, HIDDEN MASTER features a stunning collection of photography from the 1930s through the1950s and gives moving dimension to the life of Lynes that is less known: his gifted eye for the male form, his long-term friendships with Gertrude Stein and Alfred Kinsey, and his lasting influence as one of the first openly gay American artists.

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