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During a hot Brazilian summer, 13-year-old Joana uncovers hidden truths about her family and herself


New York State Premiere.

Joana, 13, is faced with life’s harsh realities after the sudden death of her beloved great aunt. During long, hot summer days in southern Brazil, she begins to investigate why her aunt never dated anyone and uncovers secrets about her family in the process. As she navigates feelings for her best friend Carolina, Joana realizes she too may be keeping something hidden.

Taking audiences on Joana’s exhilarating journey of revelation, director Cristiane Oliveira captures that elusive moment of clarity we are all searching for.

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Cast: Letícia Kacperski, Isabela Bressane, Joana Vieira, Lisa Gertum Becker, Emílio Speck, Pedro Nambuco, Rosa Campos Velho, Graciale Caputti

Presented in partnership with Cinema Tropical


Cristiane Oliveira


91 minutes


Narrative, Drama