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French superstar Nicolas Maury directs himself as an actor fleeing to his mother’s countryside home to recover from a break-up


New York State Premiere.

French superstar Nicolas Maury (KNIFE + HEART, Netflix’s CALL MY AGENT) directs himself as Jérémie, an actor fleeing to his mother’s countryside home after a break-up with the adoring Albert (Arnaud Valois). Now that the relationship has gone awry, Jérémie scopes out potential new companions while sparring with his ever-patient mother (French screen icon Natalie Baye).

Maury gives a tour-de-force comedic performance of quirky narcissism, owning the screen and ultimately the audience’s devotion in this Cannes Official Selection.

Cast: Nicolas Maury, Nathalie Baye, Arnaud Valois


Nicolas Maury


102 minutes


Narrative, Comedy, Drama


Streaming: October 15 - 26
In-Person: October 24 at 3PM (SVA - Silas)