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Inspiring documentary about Cambodia’s only LGBTQ+-inclusive soccer team


Filmed over the course of five years, LOTUS SPORTS CLUB is an inspiring coming-of-age-story about the only LGBTQ+-inclusive soccer team in Cambodia. 61-year-old Pa Vann — the coach and father figure — established the Kampong Chhnang team in 2009 to encourage solidarity among straight, gay, and gender-diverse players. Opening his home to the more vulnerable, outcasted teenagers on the team, Pa Vann creates a safe place for them to be themselves.

Full of love, empathy, and kick-ass soccer tricks, this heartfelt documentary centers around Leak, a young trans man who plays for the under-21 team and has lived under coach Pa Vann’s care for many years. As he ages out of the league, Leak must make a decision that could mean leaving behind the one person he loves the most.

This film will be followed by a Q&A.

Presented in partnership with Q-Wave, NQAPIA, and Asian CineVision


Vanna Hem, Tommaso Colognese


Robert Witlox, Tommaso Colognese, Vanna Hem


Tommaso Colognese, Vanna Hem, Martina Serafin