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Recent college grad Annie is reluctant to leave her hometown after a summer with party girl Tyler


Recent college graduate and aspiring writer Annie (Natalia Dyer) is reluctant to leave her hometown of Philadelphia for a new job across the country. But sparks fly and her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with two individuals: vivacious party girl Tyler (Rachel Keller) and the introspective Danny (Danny Ramirez).

A magnetic connection with Tyler draws Annie deeper into a whirlwind of excitement, and she increasingly chooses to avoid friends and family in favor of a summer of late-night barhopping. Ultimately, though, she must confront the looming reality of her career and make a decision about her future. Vibe with this exhilarating tale of twentysomethings navigating a relatable period of angst, lust, and growth — and the excitement of what may await just around the corner.


Jac Cron


Jac Cron


Natalia Dyer, Rachel Keller, Danny Ramirez



7:30 PM - Nitehawk Prospect Park - Th 1

2:00 PM - SVA - Beatrice


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