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Two best friends try to survive a night of drugs, bugs, and obscene intimacy in Carter Smith’s queer horror nightmare


Childhood best friends Benjamin and Dom (Cooper Koch and Jose Colon) reunite over an evening of dancing and debauchery, but their fun plans get disrupted when a young drug dealer (Jena Malone) arrives with mysterious supplies and suspicious intentions. As their night spirals from bad to worse, new dangers threaten their chances of survival.

Carter Smith’s twisted horror film is an unabashedly queer saga that allows LGBTQ+ people to be both the heroes and villains of their own stories. Featuring fabulous performances by Koch, Colon, and Malone, as well as famed scream king Mark Patton (SCREAM, QUEEN: MY NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), SWALLOWED is a spellbinding trip down the rabbit hole sure to leave you stunned and squirming.

This film will be followed by a Q&A.

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Carter Smith


Carter Smith, Noah Lang, Ross oConnor, Helio Campos


Carter Smith


Jena Malone, Mark Patton, Cooper Koch, Jose Colon



9:30 PM - SVA - Beatrice