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Psycho-sexual drama about a law student who defends women in abuse cases by day, and turns to livecam sex work at night


Simone is living a double life — criminal law student and women’s rights activist by day, and live sex-cam performer by night. As she develops a passion for defending women in abuse cases, her dark impulses for a more dangerous means of sexual gratification awaken.

Winner of Locarno’s Golden Leopard, RULE 34 is a psycho-sexual drama that provocatively explores the gray areas society deems “good” and “bad”: pleasure and pain, abuser and victim, what is punitive and what is just. The third feature from Brazilian filmmaker Júlia Murat investigates this dichotomy with curiosity, encouraging the audience to consider their own moral codes.

This film will be followed by a Q&A.

Presented in partnership with Cinema Tropical


Júlia Murat


Júlia Murat, Tatiana Leite


Gabriela Capello, Júlia Murat, Rafael Lessa, Roberto Winter


Sol Miranda, Lucas Andrade, Lorena Comparato, Isabela Mariotto



9:00 PM - SVA - Beatrice