BLUE ID - NewFest


Rüzgar Erkoçlar, a former famous Turkish actor, navigates self-realization and acceptance as a trans man while under media scrutiny


On October 4, 2012 a beaming Rüzgar Erkoçlar received his first testosterone injection, a joyous occasion in his gender affirmation. Formerly a well-known actor throughout Turkey, Rüzgar hoped he could lead a private life as a transman. With a new job at a bakery and a supportive mother and friends, things looked positive at first – until he was outed on Twitter.

A media frenzy ensues, and suddenly Rüzgar’s journey is thrust onto the front pages. It is against this backdrop that we join Rüzgar, a reluctant figurehead in the discussion of trans-rights in Turkey, and witness the many obstacles he overcomes to live authentically and get his Blue ID.


Burcu Melekoglu & Vuslat Karan



7:00 PM - The LGBT Center