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Rousing documentary about the rise of LGBTQIA+ pro wrestlers past and present


Ry Levey’s rousing documentary explores the rise of LGBTQIA+ professional wrestlers past and present, combining archival footage and interviews with current and former wrestling performers, historians, and fans. This highly entertaining film uncovers the history of queer visibility in the pro wrestling industry and explores how representation in the sport has evolved.

With storytelling that mimics the propulsive nature of wrestling, OUT IN THE RING is an absolute crowd-pleaser, delivering the infectious, pulsating energy of the sport itself.

This film will be followed by a Q&A.


Ry Levey


Brad Webb, Darren Dean, Ry Levey


Sonny Kiss, Mike Parrow, Dark Sheik, Reiza Clarke, Dani Jordyn, Susan Tex Green, Pat Laprade, Bertrand Hebert, Effy, Kaitlin Diemond, Charlie Morgan, Lola Starr, AC Mack, Ashton Starr, Billy Dixon, Wade Keller, Vandal Drummond, Cassandro, Greg Oliver, Lisa Marie Varon, Byron Anthos, Valerie Wyndham, Lenny Leonard, Dan Drennan, Odinson, Ray ''Papa Don'' Campos, Scott ''Sgt. Dixon'' McEwan, Steve Blair, Jordan Marquez



6:45 PM - SVA - Beatrice