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Follow the continued journeys of four masc BIPOC individuals in this highly anticipated follow-up to the groundbreaking 2005 doc


Two decades ago, the groundbreaking film THE AGGRESSIVES (2005; NewFest17) showcased the remarkable stories of Chin, Octavio, Trevon, and Kisha — a watershed moment of visibility for masc-presenting BIPOC individuals that gave voice to a community that hadn’t seen themselves authentically represented in cinema before. Now, nearly 20 years later, the same four protagonists reunite to reflect on their past and envision new futures.

Interwoven with fresh voices from the wider queer BIPOC community, the highly anticipated BEYOND THE AGGRESSIVES: 25 YEARS LATER continues to challenge normative ideas about gender through its profound celebration of growth, resilience, and shared humanity.

This film will be followed by a Q+A

The original THE AGGRESSIVES (2005) will also be screening at NewFest35 prior to this World Premiere on Sunday, October 15th at 4pm at BAM Rose Cinema.


Daniel Peddle


Kisha Batista, Octavio Sanders, Trevon Haynes, Chin Tsui



7:00 PM - SVA - Beatrice


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