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A young man joins a utopian community of queer ranchers and rodeo performers


Dylan (Charlie Plummer) is stuck in the New Mexico plains, juggling temporary construction jobs to support his alcoholic mother (Robyn Lively) and his younger brother. But when he’s offered a job on a unique ranch, his life takes a surprising turn. Here, he stumbles upon a vibrant community of openly queer farmers and rodeo performers — played by a dynamic ensemble including breakout stars Eve Lindley and Mason Alexander Park — who not only welcome him but also ignite a previously dormant side of his identity.

Steeped in rugged masculinity and historical repression, the American West may seem like an improbable setting for queer liberation. Yet, in this exhilarating film, director Luke Gilford boldly reimagines the heartland as an ethereal haven of queer self-discovery and profound connection. This is the Wild West, stripped down and reassembled, like you’ve never seen it before.

*This film will be screening in-person only

This film will be followed by a Q&A.


Luke Gilford


David Largman Murray, Kevin Best, Luke Gilford


Charlie Plummer, Eve Lindley, Mason Alexander Park, Rene Rosado, Robyn Lively



7:30 PM - SVA - Silas

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