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A freelance writer and aspiring novelist on his way to ostensible success in London’s cultural spheres finds a different kind of exhilaration as a sex worker in this Sundance sensation.


New York Premiere

This Sundance sensation follows Max (Ruaridh Mollica), a 25-year-old freelance writer and aspiring novelist who seems well on his way to success in London’s cultural spheres. Yet by night, he finds a different kind of exhilaration as a sex worker with the pseudonym Sebastian, meeting men via an escorting platform.

Max uses his experiences as Sebastian to fuel his stories, and the worthy debut novel that he has been longing to write finally seems within reach. But Max increasingly struggles to remain in control of his double-life, leading him to reckon with whether Sebastian is merely a writer’s tool to achieve first-hand authenticity, or if something more is at stake in this powerfully provocative drama from writer/director Mikko Mäkelä (A MOMENT IN THE REEDS, NewFest29).

Part of NewFest Pride


Mikko Mäkelä


Mikko Mäkelä


Ruaridh Mollica, Hiftu Quasem, Ingvar Sigurdsson, Jonathan Hyde, Leanne Best, Lara Rossi



12:00 AM - May 30 – June 3 | SVA Theatre

6:30 PM - SVA


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