Queering the Canon: SUMMER VACATION 1999 (1988) - NewFest


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Four teen boys spend a summer together at a remote boarding school in this beguiling, neo-futuristic tale.


Rare 35mm screening

Four teen boys spend a heartfelt summer together at a remote boarding school in the middle of a forest in this beguiling neo-futuristic tale inspired by the popular manga "The Heart of Thomas." After an ostensible suicide, a boy appears who looks exactly like the deceased student, igniting confused jealousy, twisted passions, and bubbling romances amongst the group. Director Shûsuke Kaneko boldly casts all teen girls to play the schoolboys, layering textures of genderqueer expression within lush, dreamy visuals. Screening in a rare 35mm print, SUMMER VACATION 1999 is an unmissable reflection of queer desire in a cauldron of mystery, teen angst, and unwavering friendship awaiting to resurface as a glorious art-house gem.

Part of Queering the Canon: Besties

Guest pre-recorded introduction by Jenni Olson

Presented in partnership with Japan Society


Shusuke Kaneko


Rio Kishida


Minami Takayama, Tomoko Ōtakara, Miyuki Nakano, Eri Fukatsu



5:00 PM - BAM

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