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A closeted Romanian policeman tries to diffuse a protest at a queer film screening in this subversive thriller


New York State Premiere.

While enjoying a visit from his long-distance boyfriend, a closeted Romanian policeman is called to diffuse a heated situation at a local movie theater. Turns out a conservative group is protesting a queer film screening and, to make matters worse, an old flame threatens to out him in front of his homophobic colleagues.

Based on true events, POPPY FIELD creates a poignant portrait of a man reconciling his professional and private identities. Director Eugen Jebeleanu builds a pressure cooker of emotions and subverts the conventional thriller format to arrive at deeper truths.

Closed Captioning will be available for the virtual screening of this film

Cast: Conrad Mericoffer, Alexandru Potocean, Radouan Leflahi

Writer: Ioana Moraru


Eugen Jebeleanu