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An immersive and inspiring portrait of Kelet, a Finnish ballroom star and trans model who aspires to one day grace the cover of Vogue magazine


An immersive and inspirational documentary portrait of one woman's passion, persistence, and perseverance, KELET proves both the undeniable charm and star power of its eponymous subject and the talent of its filmmaker.

This Spotlight film will premiere Saturday October 24 at 8PM and remain available through the end of the Festival

Susani Mahadura's directorial debut follows young Somali trans woman Kelet as she strives to one day grace the cover of Vogue magazine, while trying to make a home for herself in Finland, where she’s a formidable presence in the Helsinki ball scene. And while Kelet's journey has not been easy, she''s not facing the future alone: supported by best friend Lola and the Ballroom community, Kelet's dreams have never seemed so attainable. Kelet is a supermodel waiting to be discovered on a global level and Mahadura's celebratory film will hopefully do that and much more.

Cast: Kelet, Lola, Ofimja

Part of The 32nd Annual New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Presented in partnership with Scandinavia House Urbanworld Film Festival, and Finland's Diplomatic Missions in the US


Susani Mahadura