Fall in love with your new favorite, binge-worthy series via our Global Episodic Showcase


Fall in love with your new favorite, binge-worthy series via our Global Episodic Showcase! These global pilots--from NYC all the way to Nigeria--showcase the best of upcoming queer talent in the form of web series, Television series, and docu-series. This is your chance to hit the ground running and humblebrag to your friends that you discovered these shows before anyone else!

This program will be followed by a Q&A

Dir. Pat Mills, Canada, 2020, 10 mins
QUEENS is a comedy-mystery following an eclectic cast of Toronto drag queens leading up to the night of the Miss Church Street pageant. Each episode focuses on a particular queen whose preparation for the pageant is sabotaged in a strange and unfortunate way. Who among them is the saboteur?

Dir. Kate Hopkins, USA, 2019, 14 mins
When two friends, Max and Fiona, get involved in the niche service of role playing the dead, they're forced to help heal grieving strangers through a surreal game of make believe, while confronting deeply buried emotional traumas arising within themselves.

Dir. Alexandra Rose, USA, 2019, 5 mins
This webseries follows the lives of two queer college kids, Teddy and James, as they explore finding their identities in a world of liberal zombies and normative nancies.

Dir. Stephanie Leschek, USA, 2019, 5 mins
During their game night, a couple fights about not fighting in front of their friends.

Dir. Adesua Okosun, Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire, USA, 2019, 19 mins
This episode, THE ALTERNATIVE, follows three people from the LGBTQ community — a queer female, a transgender male, and a transgender female — living in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Each character takes us into their world and show us how they are trying to change the narrative of their community in West Africa.

Dir. Georgia Oakley, UK, 2019, 12 mins
Jamie and Eve are best friends who've always shared everything. After drowning their post-Brexit sorrows at a party, they really do end up sharing everything. In the sober light of day, will things ever be the same again?

Dir. Brant Rotnem, Fawzia Mirza, USA, 2020, 26 mins
Seven LGBTQ+ inhabitants of a beachside hamlet navigate infidelity, open relationships, family planning, breakups, race issues, and gender identity.

Part of The 32nd Annual New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival