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Commissioned filmmakers throughout the U.S. record Pride parades and marches in June 1977


Filmmaker Arthur Bressan commissions filmmakers throughout the United States to record Pride parades and marches in June 1977.

Filmed in a single day on June 26, 1977 in multiple locations throughout the country, this film documents Pride parades across the landscape of America and offers an overview of the issues facing the community.
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In response to the San Francisco Hillsborough slaying and Florida’s repeal of homosexual anti-defamation legislation, record numbers of people took to the streets nationwide in peaceful protests. A myriad of camera operators and interviewers mobilized in NYC, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, and LA, and the footage was compiled and edited by Arthur J. Bressan Jr. (BUDDIES). Originally released in 1977, with 2K restoration in 2019. 78 min
Watch advocate/media personality Ashlee Marie Preston and members of the Facebook Group LGBTQ Movie Club discuss the film above or on YouTube

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Arthur J. Bressan Jr.