Get ready to laugh and have your heart warmed by this premiere collection of the best in web series


Discover your next binge-worthy series with our episodic showcase! Get ready to laugh and have your heart warmed by this premiere collection of the best in web series. From the return of a gay film from years back to a riotous series about a chaotic group of teens, this year’s showcase is sure to give you something to talk about and leave you craving more.

HETERO (Episode 1)
Dir. KJ Kieras & Bentley Eldridge, USA, 14 mins
A group of queer misfits teens fight to save their Gay Straight Alliance while navigating the highs and lows of being LGBTQ+ students in high school.
Followed by a Q&A with Co-Director/DP/Editor Bentley Eldridge

QUERENCIA (Episode 1)
Dir. Mary Galloway, Canada, 14 mins
A love story following aspiring professional dancer Teka and struggling musician Abe as they both explore their Indigiqueer identities.

BRIDESMAN (Episodes 1 & 2)
Dir. Julian Buchan, USA, 19 mins
Terry’s best friend Judith asks him to be the man-of-honor at her wedding, but he plans to steal away her husband-to-be before they make it down the aisle.
Followed by a Q&A with John Onieal

Dir. David J Cork, USA, 8 mins
Exes Elliott and Mark have a deep conversation about the end of their relationship after winding up in bed together... again.
Followed by a Q&A with Director David Cork
Closed Captioning will be available for the virtual screening of this film

YOUR EYES (Episode 1)
Dir. Julia Rufino & Angélica Di Paula, Brazil, 17 mins
Lia and Veronica are a couple in love, challenged by trauma and navigating questions of gender identity. Inspired by true events.

Dir. Caralene Robinson, USA, 15 mins
Skye has a successful career and a wonderful partner, but is struggling as a Black woman in corporate America while preparing for a career-defining launch.
Followed by a Q&A with Director Caralene Robinson

BOY CULTURE (Episode 1, "Sebastian")
Dir. Q. Allan Brocka, USA, 15 mins
X is faced with new challenges working as an escort in 2021, including being up against a younger generation. A continuation of the 2006 film BOY CULTURE.
Followed by a Q&A with Derek Magyar