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A young queer woman tries to live authentically while navigating a complex relationship with her religious mother


NewFest35 Audience Award for Documentary Feature
Streaming Nov 24–30

A young queer woman is at a crossroads with her devout Muslim mother. Eman navigates the compromises and lies she needs to overcome to arrive at her authentic self. Her mother tries to be understanding but she’s boxed in by her faith and upbringing.

Sensitively probing the link between homophobia and religious beliefs, this affirming portrait is a complex examination of an experience many queer people go through no matter their cultural background. Director Sandra Itäinen is deftly attuned to both her subjects state of mind and POV, making this documentary an empathetic vehicle for more conversation and understanding.

Week 2 of NewFest35 Encores
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Sandra Itäinen


Eman Abdelhadi, Fatten Elkomy



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