Queering the Canon: BORN IN FLAMES (1983) - NewFest


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“The free, ardent, spontaneous creativity of BORN IN FLAMES emerges as an indispensable mode of radical change.” — The New Yorker


35MM Restoration

An underground feminist landmark of cinema, Lizzie Borden’s BORN IN FLAMES is brazenly queer, and unapologetically down to disrupt and dismantle the patriarchy. Set in a near future downtown New York ten years after a socialist revolution, radical feminist factions strategize and debate their own agendas as women’s equality remains unfulfilled. With guerilla style filming and a docu-narrative approach, the pulsing energy of NYC and layered political viewpoints might just have you ready to start your own radical queer biker gang.

In-person tickets include a guest introduction by Jessica Dunn Rovinelli

Part of Queering the Canon: Totally Radical
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Lizzie Borden


Lizzie Borden, Ed Bowes


Honey, Adele Bertei, Jean Satterfield, Florynce Kennedy, Kathryn Bigelow



7:00 PM - BAM