New York Charter Circle



The New York Charter Circle was established in 2014 to help strengthen and expand NewFest for the purpose of bringing the full spectrum of LGBT stories to a wider audience. NewFest deeply thanks the following Founding Members of the New York Charter Circle:

New York Charter Circle

A special thank you to the founding members of the charter circle: 

Mike Balaban

Marc Baum

Bill Begert

Sharon Chang

Gregg Coldiron

Patrick Connolly

Brian Conroy & Christopher Harris

Thomas Cott

John  M. Davis & Thomas C. Clark

John Dunn & Daryl Parker

Clarke Griffith

Jonathan Groff

Kyaw Tha Hla & Jeff Clinkenbeard

John Hadity

Walker G. Harman Jr

Christopher Harris

Robert Kushner & Trevor Yoder

Richard LaGravenese

Jeffrey Lahoste

James Law & Joseph Avena

Ron Lense

Mitchell Lichtenstein

Moises Kaufman & Jeffrey LaHoste

Ned J. Lustbader

Barry McPherson

Alain Montour

Timothy Melzer

Greg  Moore & Doug Albert

Michael Nutt

Alfred Perry

Tom Ptak

Zoe Rodriguez & Juliana Frei

Josh Schiowitz

Steve Seidmon

Patricia Taylor

Andy Tobias

Joy Tomchin

Tanya Wexler & Amy Zimmerman


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