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A galvanizing documentary about Pedro Zamora, trailblazing AIDS activist and ‘90s queer icon from MTV’s The Real World


For many young people growing up and watching MTV’s The Real World in the early 1990s, Pedro Zamora was the first openly gay man with AIDS they’d ever seen. Much more than a reality TV personality, Zamora was a trailblazing activist who harnessed his time in the spotlight to bring awareness to the AIDS crisis.

KEEP THE CAMERAS ROLLING is a poignant documentary that uses TV clips, home movies, and interviews — with both those closest to him and those on the outside deeply affected by his resiliency — to tell the story of his groundbreaking presence on the show. Zamora refused to give in to the illness he knew would kill him; his joy and the strength of his commitment in the face of it will move and inspire you.

Virtual Encore available to stream 12/2-12/8


William T. Horner, Stacey Woelfel


Cory Murphy Alfaro, Mohammed Bilal, Eric Ciasullo, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Bill Clinton, Taye Diggs, Anthony Fauci, Pam Ling, Tim Miller, Jonathan Murray, Ron Nyswaner, Jonathan Root, Catherine Rymph, Tom Viola, Judd Winick, Hector Zamora, Mily Zamora