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After two decades apart, a young woman reappears to profess her devotion to her teenage sweetheart — but is it all just the workings of a love spell?


New York State Premiere.

After two decades of radio silence, Eren reappears out of thin air to profess her devotion to her teenage sweetheart. But could this sudden reunion simply be the workings of a love spell cast 20 years ago?

In writer/director Ümit Ünal’s golden-hour romantic drama, the Turkish island of Büyükada and its many secrets serve as a backdrop for the would-be couple’s quest to break such a spell (if one even exists). Winner of the Audience Award at Inside Out Toronto and Screenplay Award at Outfest, LOVE, SPELLS AND ALL THAT takes audiences on an enchanting journey down memory lane.

Cast: Selen Uçer; Ece Dizdar; Aysenil Samlioglu; Damla Ersan; Murat Toprak


Ümit Ünal


96 minutes


Drama, Narrative


Streaming: October 15 - 26