Nightmares, daydreams, and fantasies collide in this otherworldly genre shorts program best enjoyed with the lights firmly flipped off. From vibrant visions of the future to contemporary anxieties coming to life, this collection promises to surprise, delight, befuddle, and bewilder unlike anything you've seen before. Welcome to the queer imagination!

Dir. Kim Garcia, USA, 2020, 13 mins
A group of young queers navigate bars, friendships, abandoned warehouses, and a room where dreams are recorded on VHS tapes.

Dir. Tee Jaehyung Park, USA, 2020, 7 mins
A newly-out trans woman is thrust into a coming out party by her friends, which starts as a cheerful celebration of life but slowly transforms into something else.

Dir. Xanthe Dobbie, Australia, 2020, 17 mins
Burdened by a prophecy that dooms them to a violent death, Elagabalus, a genderqueer Roman Emperor, embraces excess much to the dismay of their controlling mother.

Dir. Luca Tóth, Hungary, France, 2019, 19 mins
Love appears out of thin air like a tumor in the chest.

Dir. Gloria Mercer, Canada, 2020, 16 mins
Marion begins opening up to a new friend at their virtual reality high-school.

Dir. Maxwell Nalevansky, USA, 2019, 17 mins
A fantastical adventure playfully dealing with sexual politics, men’s rights groups, and good old-fashioned girl power, JAZZBERRY is a tale of the twisted tragedy that suddenly befell the bizarre city of Beeftown.

Dir. Soham Chakraborty, Hanxu Chen, Meton Joffily, Justin Polley, Julia Trouvé, France, 2019, 5 min
In the far future, Sonia is about to be transferred to a new space station. While everything appears to be going well, her mind is elsewhere, disturbed by a past not far behind.

This program will be followed by a Q&A

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