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The director of a low-budget queer thriller tries to solve a violent murder mystery that is threatening his set


North American Premiere

Marcos is a struggling director desperate to produce his low-budget queer take on Italian Giallo thrillers. But when the cast and crew begin to die gruesome deaths, he becomes both a prime suspect for investigators and the killer’s potential next target.

Marc Ferrer’s vibrant horror-comedy melds mystery and unabashed pastiche with an early Almodóvarian sense of humor. Featuring Spanish icons including Samantha Hudson and La Prohibida, CUT! is a rollicking meta slasher showcasing the weird, wonderful world of queer artists in Spain and Catalonia.

Cast: La Prohibida, Marc Ferrer, Marga Sardà, Maria Sola, Saya Solana, Alvaro Lucas Estada, Gregorio Sanz, Paco Serrano, Samantha Hudson


Marc Ferrer


79 minutes


Narrative, Romance, Suspense/Thriller


Streaming: October 15 - 26
In-Person: October 21 at 9:30PM (Nitehawk Prospect Park - Th 3)


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